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Theatre History


Children’s, Youth, Middle School & Adult Theater Shows (since 1976)

1976                 Winnie the Pooh (D. Colangelo/S. Morenstein)- Children’s Theater

1977                 The Wizard of Oz (D. Colangelo/S. Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1978                 Cinderella (D. Linen/S. Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1979                 Snow White (D. Linen/S. Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1980                  Peter Pan (D. Linen/S. Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1981                  Pinocchio (D. Pace/ Moore) - Children’s Theater

1982                  You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (D. Pace/C. Moore)- Children’s Theater

                            HMS Pinafore (Linen/Cribari)** - Adult Musical – Village Players

1983                  Emperor’s New Clothes (C. Crimley/C. Moore)- Children’s Theater

                            Annie Get Your Gun (D. Colangelo/Cribari)**  - Village Players

1983                            Guys & Dolls (Linen/Cribari) – Adult Musical

                            Alice in Wonderland (C. Crimley/C. Moore)- Children’s Theater

1985                   Damn Yankees (Linen/Cribari) – Adult Musical

                            Pied Piper of Hamlin (C. Crimley/C. Moore)- Children’s Theater

1986      A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Linen/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                             Annie (Cribari) ** - Adult Musical – Village Players

                             Peter Pan (Moore)- Children’s Theater

1987                             Rockwell (Schmehl/Cribari) - Adult Musical                                   
Mame (Fotia/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                             The Wizard of Oz (D. Colangelo/Moore)- Children’s Theater

1988                    Candide (Fotia/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                             Stars R Us I (D. Colangelo/Moore)- Children’s Theater

1989                    Anything Goes (Linen/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                             Stars R Us II (D. Colangelo/Moore)- Children’s Theater

1990                    Godspell I (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                             Pajama Game (Linen/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                             The Boyfriend (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater  

                                An Actor’s Life for Me (Toscano/Licare) - Children’s Theater

1991                       Pippin (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                                L’il Abner (Linen/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                                Crimes of the Heart (Bohl) – Adult Play

                                A Horse Named Jack (Valbiro) – Adult Play

                                Zoo Story (Fotia) – Adult Play

                                Steel Magnolias (Valbiro) – Adult Play

                                Amahl & the Night Visitors (Annually 1991-93, 94-95) (Cribari) - Opera

                                The Sound of Music (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                Suzi, the Zoo, the Babysitter & Me, Kevin (Toscano/Morenstein)

1992                       Seasons (Linen/Cribari) - Adult Theater

                                The Wiz (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                My Country Tis of Thee (Toscano/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1993                       Y ou’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (D. Colangelo/Moore) – CASTLE

                                Kiss Me Kate (Valbiro/Ralph) - Adult Musical

                                Bye Bye Birdie (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                Aladdin (Toscano/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1994                        Godspell II (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                                Déjà vu (Linen/Cribari) – Musical revue

                                The Scarlet Letter (Linen/Cribari) – Adult Play

                                Good News (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                Annie (Toscano/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1995                        Into the Woods (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                                Gypsy (Valbiro/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                                An Enchanted Evening (Cribari) – Adult Musical Revue

                                The King and I (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                Babes in Arms (Allport/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater
1996                      The Boys from Syracuse (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop
                                By George (Cribari) – Adult Musical Revue
The Outsiders (Hudson) – Adult Play
                                Once Upon a Mattress (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theatre






                                Born in the USA (Allport/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1997                       Godspell III (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                                Our Town (Linen) – Adult Play
                                CASTLE Comedies (Linen) – Adult Comedy Workshop
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Adult Play
Anything Goes (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                Encore (Cribari/Linen) - College Revue

                                An Actor’s Life for Me (Allport/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

1998                       Once on this Island (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

               A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Linen/Cribari) - Adult Musical
CASTLE Comedies II (Linen) – Adult Comedy Workshop                    
You Can’t Take it With You (Zakes-Green) – Adult Play
Broadway and All That Jazz (Cribari) – Adult Musical Revue

                                Grease (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                The Wiz of Oz (Allport/Morenstein) - Children’s Theater

                                Motown Revue (Ferraro/Orwick) - College Revue

1999                       West Side Story (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                                Pippin (Green/Masters) - Adult Musical
                                The Dining Room (Zakes-Green) – Adult Play

                                Guys & Dolls (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                Goin’ Buggy (Zaccagnino/Budde) - Children’s Theater

                                A Charlie Brown Musical (Tummarello/Moore) - Middle School Th.

                                Broadway’s Last 25 (Orwick) - College Revue

2000                       Hello Dolly (D. Colangelo/Moore) - CASTLE Workshop

                                Little Shop of Horrors (Iasillo/Sasson) - Adult Musical
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (Iasillo) – Adult Play

                                Emotions (Orwick/Tanchum/C.Colangelo) - College Revue

                                Damn Yankees (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Youth Theater

                                The Boyfriend (C. Colangelo/Moore) - Middle School Theater

                                School Days, A Fish Tale (Zaccagnino/Budde) - Children’s Theater

2001                       Godspell (D. Colangelo/Moore) – CASTLE Workshop

                                One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (C. Colangelo ) – Adult Play

                                Baby, the Musical (Zakes-Green/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                                Lover’s and Other Strangers (Green) – Adult Play

                                Talkin’ About America (D. Colangelo/Cribari) - Adult Musical

                                The Sound of Music (C. Colangelo/Moore) – Youth Theater

                                Bongo Beach Party (Iasillo/Penney) – College Revue

                                Cinderella’s Shakespeare (Budde/Moore) – Middle School Theater

                                Magic at Midnight (Zaccagnino/Dorazio) – Children’s Theater

2002                       Pippin (C. Colangelo/Moore) – CASTLE Workshop

                                Six Degrees of Separation (C. Colangelo) – Adult Play

                                Company (Zakes-Green/Moore) - Adult Musical

                                Broadway and All That Jazz (Cribari) – Adult Musical Revue
                                A Chorus Line (C. Colangelo/Moore) – Youth Theater

                                Old New York (Zaccagnino/Dorazio) – Children’s Theater

                                Peter Pan (Budde/Moore) – Middle School Theater

2003                      The Wiz (Budde/Moore) – Youth Theater

                                Anastasia (Zizolfo/Moore) – Children’s Theater

                 How To Succeed in Business...(Zakes-Green/Dorazio) – Adult Summer Musical

              Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (Green/Cribari) - Adult Musical

2004                        Bye Birdie – Adult/Teen Musical
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Children’s Theater




2005           25 Shows Together Celebration (D. Colangelo/C. Colangelo/Moore) - Reunion 
                                Godspell (J. Colangelo/Dorazio) – Teen Musical        
Annie Jr. (Budde/Moore) – Children’s Theater

2006                       Into the Woods (C. Colangelo/Moore) – Teen/Adult Theater
The Boys from Syracuse (J. Colangelo/Dorazio) – Teen Musical
Charlie’s Gang (Budde/Moore) – Children’s Theater
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (P. Green) – Lawnchair Theatre

2007                      SWISH, a staged reading of the work by Pamela Mutino (Valbiro)
Songs for a New World (C. Colangelo/Moore) – Adult Musical
Seussical (J. Colangelo/Dorazio) – Teen Musical
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Budde/Moore) – Children’s Theater
As You Like It (P. Green/Carriero) – Lawnchair Theatre

2008                       All Shook Up (C. Colangelo/Moore) – Adult Musical

                                Grease (J. Colangelo/Moore) – Teen Musical

                                Honk! (K. Budde/Moore) – Children’s Theater

                                Two Gentlemen of Verona (T. Aveiser) – Lawnchair Theatre

2009                       Urinetown  (C. Colangel/Moore) – Adult Musical

                                The Wiz (J. Colangelo/Moore) – Teen Musical

                                High School Musical (K. Budde/Moore) – Children’s Theater

                                Twelfth Night (T. Aveiser) – Lawnchair Theatre

2010                       Pippin (J. Colangelo/Moore) – Pennywise Productions

                                Anything Goes (C. Colangelo/Moore) – Adult Musical

                                Sweet Charity (J. Colangelo/Moore) – Teen Musical

                                Beauty & the Beast Jr. (K. Budde/Moore) – Children’s Theater

                                The Tempest (T. Aveiser) – Lawnchair Theatre

2011                       Once On This Island (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Pennywise Prod.
                                Company (C.Colangelo/Moore) - Adult Musical
                                Bye, Bye Birdie (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Teen Musical
                                Seussical, Jr. (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Children's Theater
                                As You Like It (T. Aveiser/E. Green) - Lawnchair Theatre
2012                        Leader of the Pack (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Pennywise Productions
                                Almost, Maine (C. Zakes Green) - 30th Anniversary Reunion Prod.
                                LifeSong LoveSong (C. Colangelo/D. Cribari) - 30th Annive. Prod.
                                A Godspell Reunion (D. Colangelo/Moore) - Adult/Reunion show
                                Joseph and the Amazing... (K. Budde/Moore) - Teen Musical
                                Peter Pan (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Children's Theater
                                Much Ado About Nothing (P. Green) - Lawnchair Theatre
2013                        Smokey Joe's Cafe (J. Colangelo/Moore) Pennywise Productions
                                Legally Blonde (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Teen/College Musical
                                Annie, Jr. (J. Colangelo/Moore) - Children's Theater
                                The Taming of the Shrew - Lawnchair Theatre
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